Wedding Season

It may sound strange to hear but weddings have a “season” in St. Louis it runs anywhere from March (really kicking into full swing by late April) into mid November.

When it comes to picking your wedding date a lot of things need to be considered. When can Uncle Bob fly in from New York, and when is my favorite venue/photographer available. Also, the weather… St. Louis weather is similar to an indecisive toddler at bed time. Sometimes it’s smooth and peaceful, and other times its a hot mess. The likelihood of the complete 180 switch in less than a minute is always a lingering danger.

We have noticed an interesting trend in “wedding season” as of late, fall weddings. Want a unique, romantic colorful tree lined wedding in October? Awesome! But, it’s not unique anymore. However, it’s not unique for a very good reason, it’s beautiful and seriously, you get far less bi-polar weather patterns in a St.Louis fall than any other season. My busiest month(s) for weddings over the last few years have been September, October, and early November! What does that mean for my fall couples? Book early! Book that beautiful, romantic fall wedding as early as you can to save the best dates, venues, and vendors for your wedding before the roll tide of newly weds hits on wedding industry’s black Friday, January. A large number of our engaged couples agree to inevitable nuptials over the holidays, so January we book up almost all of our fall dates quickly!

Spring weddings are beautiful, romantic, but lets be honest the shrew woman controlling the weather in the sky can be a bit volatile in spring. Rain rain go away, tornados please stay at bay! However, those spring rain storms can create some of the most beautiful backdrops for photography. This year, I had a brave couple trust me enough to get a bit soggy during their session. The lighting and ambiance of the images was really one of a kind.

A tip for the brazen of heart and those who don’t mind sweating to the oldies a bit, August is a slow wedding month! Want a few more priority dates? Give August a chance, but pack some water to help counter the possibility of blistering St. Louis heat. I have seen some couple’s clever work around for a warm August, outdoor wedding. Instead of hot, wool tuxes, have the gents wear linen! Provide homemade lemonade or flavored water to your guests as they enter, and make your list of ceremony events into a fan!
If you still want an outdoor summer wedding, but fear your officiant passing out from heat stroke, find a venue with lots of tree cover to help keep family and guests cool, and set up quiet fans to run on those special “please don’t pass out on me” people. Personally, my hubby and I braved the St.Louis weather and hosted an outdoor, winery wedding in June. Was it hot? Yes. Did I notice a bit? No. Did a bride’s maid pass out and almost fall into the water we were getting married next to? Yes. (It’s alright, she was fine, and actually I didn’t know it happened until almost a year later when she told me!) Overall, everyone had an amazing time, in spite of the weather. We kept fans running to cool our older guests in the front rows, and provided water as guests entered. It turned out to be a gorgeous wedding (but I’m a bit biased).

Remember, your family and friends are here to support you, they will be more than happy to face a old fashion St. Louis summer for 30 minutes to support you and your love! So, pick a date that makes YOU happy! Who knows, maybe you want a snowy day wedding instead?