Successful Newborn Sessions

I often have couples ask me what they can do to have a successful Newborn session. Choosing a great photographer is a first start! However, there is a lot you can do to help make the whole session a huge success!

1. Make sure you tiny one is happy. A baby who has had an uninterrupted sleep schedule will be much happier for their session than the alternative. Typically, you want your newborn to sleep through their session (that is how you get those O SO CUTE poses, when they sleep they are like tiny puddles of play dough). Keeping your newborn awake all morning will not equate to sleeping during their session, usually the opposite is the case. Having a child of my own taught me one thing, sleep begets sleep. Children who are overly tired have a more difficult time falling asleep when you want them to. Also, keep their regular feeding schedule. Book your session time right after they complete a meal! I often offer to let couples come and feed their little one at the studio so they fall asleep and we have a good uninterrupted session.

2. Bring your own props. Most photographers will have baskets etc. to use. However, planning ahead and supplying adorable crotched outfits, special blankets or toys that are sentimental add a flair of personality and individuality to your photo session!

3. If you are hosting your photoshoot in your own home make sure you pose your nursery. Put any miscellaneous items away and out of site. A clean, empty and uncluttered space makes for the best photos! Also, plan your session time when there is no direct sunlight streaming into the nursery windows. Pools of light in the floor can create a tough shooting condition for your photographer.

4. Make it warm! Typically in newborn sessions your baby is nude or partially nude. Newborns get cold very easily! If your photographer has not done so already, request the thermostat be turned up or a space heater set up in the room so it’s nice and toasty for your tiny tot! I’ve also had clients in the past bring heated blankets to cover with other blankets or props to help keep their little one warm. For safety make sure you use common sense with a heated blanket and/or space heater! Space heaters should be used FAR away from anything flammable and not left running in a room alone with a child. Also, if you use a heated blanket, keep it turned on low and always use a secondary layer between your baby and the heated blanket. They can get very warm and cause burns or overheating. USE CAUTION and common sense!

5. Solid clean colors are important! Your tiny one is just that, tiny! Any blankets and clothing you use (either on you or baby) should have solid, clean colors. Lots of patterns and colors can detract from your little ones small, sweet features.

6. Cute hats! Never underestimate the power of cute hats and bows for your newborn! 10247500_759920207376114_4010943839066573020_n